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Air springs

air springs type Miechy bez okucia

Manufacturer: Rubena

      miech bez okuć, sprężyna pneumatyczna Rubena


Air (pneumatic) springs are designed for various applications where it is necessary to eliminate vibrations and tremors. They are used in suspensions of: buses, trucks, trolleybuses, tractors, train and tram seats. Air springs are also used for elastically mounting machines and equipment which generate vibrations and tremors (e.g. textile looms, transporters, hammers, forging presses). They are suitable for vibro-isolating sensitive laboratory instruments. Air springs can also be used for suspending semitrailers and camping trailers, as well as in pneumatic lifts or as a single acting pneumatic engine.



Typ  Dmax (mm/ 
p (bar)
 W (mm)   Hstat (mm)   Hmin (mm)   Hmax (mm) 
AS 6"x2 g 168/8 180 123 68 183
AS 10"x2 g           280/8 295   154 69 294
AS 12"x2 g 330/8 345 159 69 294
AS 130x2 g 140/5 155 130 90 170
AS 170x2 g 180/7 195 135 75 195
AS 280x2 g 280   250    


Typ  Dmax (mm)/ 
 W (mm)   Hstat (mm)   Hmin (mm)   Hmax (mm) 
AS 10x3 g 280/8 295 234 94/114* 424/414*
AS 12x3 g 330/8 345 244 94/114* 424/414*
AS 130x 3 g         140/5 155 170 110 230
AS 170x3 g 180/7 195 180 80 280
AS 190x3 g 200/7 215 240 140 340



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