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Vibration isolators for buildings

Sound Control in Timber Construction type Sound insulation in wood construction

Manufacturer: Wibroizolacja Polska


The demand for energy-efficient, sustainable construction methods is increasing. And large, multi-storeyed wooden buildings are becoming more and more popular. Wood is increasingly being used in the renovation of old buildings as well as for remodeling and additions. Wood construction is gaining an increasing share in the total volume of construction. Lightweight wood construction represents an eco-friendly alternative that is cost-effective and flexible. Wood construction is one of the most natural methods of construction.

Builders, project managers, passive house builders, structural engineering firms, carpenters, architects, planners and engineers all have one thing in common: They all have to meet strict building requirements. Buildings in which people live and work must also meet unique challenges related to sound insulation. 

Wood has a much lower mass than many other construction materials. Therefore, even small amounts of energy can cause vibrations in wood.
In European countries, there are various construction standards aimed at protecting against disturbing vibrations and noise, including minimum standards that must be met for wood construction.

Sound can be transmitted between two rooms both directly through the partitioning element and also around the partitioning element. The better the sound insulation for the partition is, the stronger the impact of lanking transmission via the abutting elements becomes. The elastic materials Sylomer® and Sylodyn® can be used to separate the loors from the walls in order to eliminate lanking transmission. This makes it possible to eliminate the sound-insulating shells that would otherwise be necessary. Elastic decoupling between the wall and the loor prevents the transmission of noise. However, fasteners such as angle braces and screws must also be optimized in order to prevent sound bridges; in order to achieve this, they must be itted with elastic mountings.







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