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Vibration isolators for buildings

construction mat type CM ER

Manufacturer: Getzner

mata budowlana do wibroizolacja budynków Getzner

Construction (damping) mats manufactured by Getzner are an effective solution for impact noise reduction in the construction industry.
CM ER mat dimensions: 1500 x 750 x 16 mm unilateral profiling (16/9 mm)
CM GR mat dimensions: 1000 x 500 x 8 mm

Damping mat applications:

  • supermarkets

  • fitness centres

  • shop floors

  • multi-surface kitchens

  • hotels, entrance areas

  • schools, universities

  • libraries

  • hospitals, nursing homes

  • large offices

  • construction and modernisation of multi-family residential buildings

  • production halls and warehouses

    Properties of our damping mats:

  • great isolation improvement coefficient: ΔLn,wP up to 33dB

  • E fire resistance class

  • low heat conductivity 

  • easy to lay down due to its small weight and a convenient plate size

  • small thickness (8 or 16 mm)

  • high chemical resistance (cement slurry, form oils, etc.)

  • softener-free, resistant to aging, odourless, skin-friendly



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