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Vibration isolators for equipment & machinery

Vibration isolators double-acting type DZE

Manufacturer: Getzner Spring Solutions

wibroizolator dwustronnego działania ISOTOP DZE Reinicke



The Isotop® DZE, is a multi component vibration isolator made of stainless steel and two different damping materials: Sylodyn® and Sylomer®. It works for both compression and tension.
Due to its flexible damping properties, the product provides great sound isolation and reduces the amplitude of the dynamic load transferred onto the foundation.
The core is made of steel tube, welded to the base plate, allows for transferring horizontal forces and pulse-type loads caused by e.g. gusts of wind or sudden movements. These vibro-isolators are available in two sizes: DZE (with one or two damping inserts) and DZE Mini. The DZE size vibro-isolators are also available as blocks with two or four elements.


The DZE vibration-isoators are selected according to the intendent load an the vibration frequency. The natural frequency of the vibration-isolator at nominal load is about 7 Hz for DZE and about 10,1 Hz for DZE Mini. They can transmit horizontal forces. The vibration-isolators are used for the foundation of:

  • Diesel & petrolengines of all types,
  • Compressors,
  • Pumps,
  • Cooling towers,
  • High speed rotary machines,
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems,
  • Machines placed on roofs,
  • Power generators,
  • Maritime equipment,                                                
  • Mobile applications.

Information necessary for product selection

  • Weight of the machine/device,
  • Number and positioning of the fulcrums,
  • Positioning of the centre of mass,
  • Dimensions of the maschine/device,
  • Load direction (vertical/horizontal),
  • Lowest vibration frequency (No. of rotations or cycles).


  • Quick installation,
  • The vibration-isolator is resistant to demage, suitable for tall and narrow, equipment when in a factory or mobile equipment and transporting,
  • Long lifespan,
  • Low natural frequency,
  • Low height,
  • High resistance to corrosion.



 Selection table DZE

 wibroizolator podwójnego działania DZE Getzner 


Max. load

Natural frequency 
(Hz) under max. load
Max. horizontal
load (kG)
 Isotop DZE 1 NB SP 28 10,3 500 1,2
 Isotop DZE 1 NC SP 55 10,1
 Isotop DZE 1 ND SP 122 9,9
 Isotop DZE 1 NE SP 238 10,1
 Isotop DZE 1 HLL SP 5 800 12,0
 Isotop DZE 1 HLH SP5    1030 11,5
 Isotop DZE 2 NB SP 25 7,2 200 1,3
 Isotop DZE 2 NC SP 48 7,6
 Isotop DZE 2 ND SP 107 7,0
 Isotop DZE 2 NE SP 205 7,1
 Isotop DZE 2 HLL SP 5 630 8,1
Isotop DZE 2 HLH SP 5 820 7,7


wibroizolator dwustronnego działania DZE Getzner Springs

 Selection table DZE Mini

  Designation Max. load
Natural frequency 
(Hz) under max. load
Max. horizontal
load (kG)



 wibroizolator podwójnego działania DZE Getzner 

 Isotop DZE Mini NB SP 1 9 10,3 200 0,3
 Isotop DZE Mini NC SP 1 17 10,7
 Isotop DZE Mini ND SP 3 38 10,1
 Isotop DZE Mini NE SP 3 75 10,3
 Isotop DZE Mini NF SP 3 110 10,1
 Isotop DZE Mini HRB 3 SP3  230 11,6


wibroizolator dwustronnego działania DZE Getzner Springs

 Selection table DZE-BL

  Oznaczenie Max. load

natural frequency
 (Hz) under
 max. load

Max. horizontal
load (kG)

 wibroizolator podwójnego działania DZE Getzner

 Isotop DZE-1-BL2-HLH-SP5 2065 11,5 1000  
 Isotop DZE-1-BL4-HLH-SP5 4135 11,5 2000
Isotop DZE-2-BL2-HLH-SP5 1635 7,7 400
Isotop DZE-2-BL4-HLH-SP5 3270 7,7 800


wibroizolator dwustronnego działania DZE Getzner Springs

Our services

Please make use of our knowledge in the area of vibration technology. We will advise you on the right solution for optimal vibration isolation.


When odering, you need to provide the full designation of the vibro-isolator, e.g.:

Isotop DZE 1 ND SP




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