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Vibration isolators for equipment & machinery

Vibration isolators warstwowe type SE pro and SE light

Manufacturer: Getzner Spring Solutions

wibroizolator SE Getzner Springs


Isotop® SE pro is the sandwich element for the most demanding vibration isolation requirements and easy installation. With its 37.5­mm insulation layer made from Sylomer® or Sylodyn®, Isotop SE pro effectively reduces secondary airborne noise from equipment at critical installation locations (e.g. rooftop installation or in mezzanine floors). The product features a pressure distribution plate and can be screwed onto the equipment frame, saving time and money during installation.

Main characteristic:

  • Natural frequency from 7.9 Hz
  • Top plate fitted with 6 mm Sylomer® anti-slip plate
  • 10 mm hot-dip galvanised steel plate for pressure distribution
  • Insulating layer made from 37.5 mm Sylomer® or Sylodyn®
  • M 12 internal thread for easy screw-fixing


Isotop® SE light can be used in all areas where screw-fixing the elastic bearing is unnecessary. The polyurethane material Sylomer®, which has proven itself in building services equipment due to its outstanding insulation values and long service life, forms the basis of this product. 

Main characteristic:

  • Natural frequency from 10.8 Hz
  • 25 mm Sylomer® insulating layer
  • 5 mm hot-dip galvanized steel plate for weight distribution
  • 3 mm anti-slip coating for installation without screw-fixing


Field of application

ISOTOP® SE vibro-isolators are used for:

  • lift hoist drives, winches,
  • heavy fans,
  • air conditioners,
  • compressors, piston pumps,
  • turbines,
  • textile machines,
  • rotating machines, centrifuges,
  • freezers,
  • presses, punch presses,
  • shakers, conveyors,
  • heating machines,
  • tables, plates and measurement cabins, scales,
  • machines and equipment which operate in strikes.
    Avoid loading with shear forces.

Data necessary for selection

  • weight of the maschine,
  • number and location of the points of support,
  • centre of gravity,
  • dimensions of the maschine,
  • load direction,
  • lovest disturbing frequency (rotational speed of number of cycles).


  • quick and easy installation,
  • interchangable: identical design for all types,
  • highly resistant to corrosion,
  • long service-life,
  • various application,
  • reducet secondary airborne noise even in critical installation locations (roof-top installation, mezzanine floors etc.).


Designation table Isotop® SE pro



Max. load

  Natural frequency
under max. load (Hz)

wibroizolator SE Getzner Springs 



 Isotop SE pro 9-1 90 9,6

 isotop SE pro 14-1
148 8,5
 Isotop SE pro 28-1 285 7,9
 Isotop SE pro 67-1 670 7,9
 Isotop SE pro 133-1 1330 8,2
 Isotop SE pro 225-1  2250 8,1


wibroizolator SE Getzner Springs

wibroizolator SE Getzner Springs


Designation table Isotop® SE light

wibroizolator SE Getzner Springs

   Type  Max.load
Natural frequency
under max. load (Hz)
wibroizolator SE Getzner Springs    Isotop® SE light 6-1 63 12,7
 Isotop® SE light 12-1 123 11,7
 Isotop® SE light 24-1 240 11,8
 Isotop® SE light 47-1 470 10,8
 Isotop® SE light 93-1 930 11,0



wibroizolator SE Getzner Springs


When ordering, you need to provide the full designation of the vibro-isolator, e.g.:

 Isotop® SE pro 67-1 with base plate


Our services

Please use our experience and knowledge in the area of vibration technology. We will advise you on the right solution for optimal vibration isolation.




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