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Vibration isolators for equipment & machinery

Vibration isolators UNAVAULABLE type V-75

Manufacturer: Wibroizolacja Polska

wibroizolator pierścieniowy V-75 Wibroizolacja Polska


V-75 ring vibro-isolators are designed for mounting small rotating machines, especially:

  • ventilators, blowers, air conditioners, pumps, compressors, cooling units

  • power generators, transformers, control cabinets

  • grinders, centrifuges, crushers, mixers

  • machinery and equipment used in the food and pharmaceutical industries

These vibro-isolators are mounted to the foundation and provide level adjustment.
Their advantage is high vibration isolation efficiency and small size.
V-75 ring vibro-isolators are manufactured in two load capacity classes.




wibroizolator pierścieniowy V-75wibroizolator pierścieniowy V-75



Recommended load range (kG)

Weight (kg)

Frequencies above 25 Hz

Frequencies above 16 Hz









When ordering, please give the full designation of the vibro-isolator, e.g.:

V-75-1 vibro-isolator



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