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Vibration isolators for equipment & machinery

Vibration isolators spring type DSD

Manufacturer: Getzner Spring Solutions

Wibroizolator sprężynowy Reinicke ISOTOP DSD


The Isotop® DSD spring vibro-isolators consist of two plate bases with an internal M10 thread and a cylindrical coil spring (according to the DIN EN 13906-1:2001 norm).

Its elements are protected against corrosion through cataphoretic coating (KTL), which makes them highly resistant to rusting.
Located inside the isolator is a damping core made of a special material called Sylomer-HD, carefully selected to match the spring’s properties. The material retains its elasticity and is highly durable.


Isotop® DSD vibro-isolators are used for the foundation of machines which generate dynamic forces also at low frequencies, such as:

  • blocked heating/cooling units,

  • compressors,

  • rotary machines, engines, turbines,

  • portable devices, power generators,

  • centrifugal separatos, pumps,

  • measuring tables, control boards, scales,

  • vibrating tables, conveyors,

  • transport of fragile goods.

Information necessary for product selection

  • weight of the machine/device,

  • number and positioning of the fulcrums,

  • positioning of the centre of mass,

  • dimensions of the machine/device,

  • load direction (vertical, horizontal),

  • lowest vibration frequency (No. of rotations or cycles).

  • description of the startup process (startup frequency).



  • freedom of tilting in the vertical direction,

  • interchangeability due to the same size and threaded connections,

  • the open design of the isolator allows for effortlessly checking the spring’s condition and the distance between its coils,

  • the damping core retains its elasticity and is resistant to damage,

  • high resistance to corrosion. 

Our services

Please make use of our knowledge and send us your enquiries. We will be happy to provide you with the information you need, carry out the necessary calculations and select the right vibro-isolators for the given equipment.

DSD wibroizolator Reinicke

Selection table


Nominal load


Optimal load

(approx. 24 mm deflection)

Natural frequency


Weight (kg)

 Isotop DSD 1 

  12 ÷ 32 kG 

25 kG

 4.9 Hz/pow. 10% 


Isotop DSD 2

14 ÷ 40 kG

37 kG

4.5 Hz/pow. 10%


Isotop DSD 3

    27 ÷ 68 kG   

60 kG

4.4 Hz/pow. 10%


Isotop DSD 4

38 ÷ 100 kG

90 kG

3.9 Hz/pow. 10%


Isotop DSD 5

58 ÷ 165 kG

145 kG

4.6 Hz/pow. 10%


Isotop DSD 6

100 ÷ 250 kG

210 kG

4.0 Hz/pow. 10%


Isotop DSD 7

110 ÷ 360 kG

330 kG

4.8 Hz/pow. 10%


Isotop DSD 8

190 ÷ 570 kG

530 kG

5.1 Hz/pow. 10%


Isotop DSD 9

280÷790 kG

750 kG

5.1 Hz/pow. 10%



When ordering, you need to provide the full designation of the vibro-isolator, e.g.:

Isotop DSD 6 vibro-isolator







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