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Vibration isolators for equipment & machinery

Vibration isolators base for SD type FP

Manufacturer: Getzner Spring Solutions

wibroizolator sprężynowy podstawa ISOTOP D Reinickewibroizolator speżynowy podstawa dziwękochłonna FP Isotop


The Isotop® FP base plates are made of sheet steel and galvanised or cataphoretically coated (KTL). The base plate comes with a M10 bolt and washer.
The soundproof Isotop® FP/K base additionally has a 10 mm thick pad made of SYLOMER®.


The base plates are an additional part for the spring SD and DSD series vibration-isolators used for fixing them to the floor, supporting structure or a foundation block.

  • Height, diameter and joining elements are the same for all product types, which guarantees full interchange ability.

  • The sound-absorbing pads do not transmit sound from the metal plate onto the foundation or the metal bolts which fasten it.

podstawa FP do wibroizolatorówGetzner Springspodstawa FP do wibroizolatorówGetzner Springs

Selection table


 Nominal load (min-max)


 Isotop FP 1-9

12 - 640 kG

SD 1 ÷ SD 9 

 Isotop FP/K 1-4      

12 - 120 kG

SD 1 ÷ SD 4 (brown)

 Isotop FP/K 5-6

72 - 270 kG

SD 5 ÷ SD 6 (grey)

Isotop FP/K 7-9      

182 - 640 kG

SD 7 ÷ SD 9 (turquoise)

When ordering, you need to provide the full designation of the plates, e.g.:

ISOTOP FP/K 5-6 plate


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