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Vibration isolators for equipment & machinery

Vibration isolators spring type BLR

Manufacturer: Wibroizolacja Polska

wibroizolator blokowy sprężynowy BLR

 BLR block vibro-isolators are designed for handling heavy loads and low vibration frequencies in cases where height regulation is required (levelling).  


BLR block vibro-isolators consist of two steel plates with springs mounted between (vibro-isolators from the Isotop® SD-1 to SD-9 and Isotop® DSD-1 to DSD-8 series), and level adjustment elements. Blocks with 4 or 8 springs are available, designated as BLR 4 and BLR 8 respectively. The number of springs depends on the intended load. In cases where damping is not necessary the SD springs are fitted; otherwise, DSD elements or a mix of SD and DSD springs are used. In the standard design, the steel plates are galvanised. Upon the client’s request the plates can be painted black.  


Block vibro-isolators have a natural frequency within the range of 3.0 to 6.0 Hz depending on their components, and are used for the foundation of: 

    compressors, ventilators, air conditioners, crushers, grinders, pumps, textile machines, conveyors, emergency power generators, other machines and devices, especially ones with low vibration frequency.

Information necessary for product selection:

    weight of the machine/device, number and positioning of the fulcrums, positioning of the centre of mass, dimensions of the machine/device, load direction (vertical, horizontal), lowest vibration frequency (No. of rotations or cycles).


    low height, low natural frequency, freedom of tilting in the vertical direction, the open design of the isolator allows for effortlessly checking the springs’ condition without the need of disassembly, durable and compact design. 

Our services Please make use of our knowledge and send us your inquiries. We will be happy to provide you with the information you need, carry out the necessary calculations and select the right vibro-isolators for the given equipment.

 Selection table

        Designation         Nominal load  Weight (kg)
BLR 4 (4 elements) 500÷2000 kG 9.2÷10.4
  BLR 8 (8 elements)    1500÷4000 kG       

  Notes about the selection table Due to the possibility of using different springs from the same series (e.g. SD 1 to SD 8) together, virtually all requirements from the nominal load values given above can be met. When ordering, you need to provide the nominal load on the vibro-isolator. We will select the right springs for you.


wibroizolator blokowy sprężynowy BLR



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