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Vibration isolators for equipment & machinery

Vibration isolators double-acting type DZE-BL-4

Manufacturer: Getzner Spring Solutions


Isotop® DZE-BL-e is a block element consisting of two plates with Isotop® DZE elements between them made of stainless steel and two different insulation materials: Sylodyn® and Sylomer®. The block can work under both pressure and tensile loads. Due to its elasticity and damping properties, the insulator provides sound isolation and reduces the amplitude of the dynamic load transferred onto the foundation.

This vibro-isolator is also suited for transferring horizontal forces and pulse-type loads caused by e.g. gusts of wind.

Field of application

The DZE vibro-isolators are selected according to the intended load and the vibration frequency. The natural frequency of the vibro-isolator at nominal load is 7.2 Hz and higher. The vibro-isolators are used for the elastic isolation of:

  • Diesel engines,

  • large compressors,

  • large pumps,

  • fast rotating machines,

  • cogeneration units,

  • marine transport equipment,

  • mobile applications.

Data required for selection

  • weight of the machine,

  • number and location of the points of support,

  • centre of gravity,

  • dimensions of the machine,

  • load direction,

  • lowest disturbing frequency (rotational speed or number of cycles).


  • quick installation,

  • the vibro-isolator is resistant to damage, recommended for narrow, tall and moving machines and devices,

  • long durability,

  • low natural frequency,

  • low height,

  • high resistance to corrosion.

Our services

Please make use of our knowledge in the area of vibration technology. We will advise you on the right solution for optimal vibration isolatio 

wibroizolator blokowy dwustronnego działania ISOTOP DZE Reinicke

Selection table


Max. load (kG)

Natural frequency (Hz)
under max. load

Deflection (mm)

Isotop® DZE-1-BL-4-xx/HD




Isotop® DZE-2BL-4-xx/HD





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